Fox661, How a Wheel-Chair Bound, Army Vet…


You just had to open the e-mail didn't you?

I actually spent about ten minutes reading the sales letter,
purely because of that headline.

In fact, the "wheelchair bound army vet" is Ross Goldberg.

And he has just updated his "Traffic Manifesto" guide with 2 new
bonus sections.


And as soon as I read the guide, one word popped into my head:

Here's what I mean…

Almost every internet marketer gets the bulk of their traffic
from Google (either pay-per-click or organic)… and yet how
many of those same marketers are happy with the amount of
traffic Google sends them? And how much that traffic generates
for them on the bottom line?

Short answer: very few.

Not me – and probably not you either.

In fact, if you have been playing the Google game and losing –
and you want an "out", this could be it.

Perhaps the answer is to start getting your traffic elsewhere.
If Adwords is costing you an arm and a leg, try video marketing.

If SEO is moving to slow, maybe you should look at eBay as a
source of traffic?

Either way, the mere presence of *options* is going to vastly
increase your chances of succeeding – as an affiliate or product

Given this logic, the sheer breadth of traffic information
inside Ross's guide, and the dirt cheap price… you can't
afford to ignore this one.

Especially if you feeling like you're banging your head against
a Google wall – and need cheap, targeted traffic some other way.





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