Fox661, Another ClickBank Copy & Paste Job?


Since Day Job Killer dropped 11 months ago, I have noticed a glut
of e-books regurgitating and re-spinning the same techniques we

In most cases, the author in question does a "copy and paste"
job with the DJK sales letter too.

Some of these "re-word and re-spin" jobs actually do pretty well
– a couple have been ClickBank top 10's.

Of course, I am not particularly bothered by all of this – it
comes with the territory.

But, it *is* the first thing that goes through my head when I
see a new affiliate guide.

So, imagine what I was thinking when I discovered that one of my
DJK customers was putting together a guide focused on PPC and

"Oh, here we go again…."

That was two months ago.

But, in this case I was wrong to cry foul. Very wrong.

In fact, the guide in question has all the hall-marks that made
DJK a success:

– the book is arranged by complete methods – and fully
exhaustive step-by-step methods at that

– there's very little capital needed to get started

– the subject matter is familar ground (affiliate marketing and
Adwords), so you can get going *fast*

…. and this guide has the final, most elusive quality of all:
*NEW*, original content.


In short, the author followed the DJK formula where it mattered,
but also brought new information to the table too.

And most important of all, the guide was written by someone who
is making $100-200 as a ClickBank affiliate.

Not "$434,343 in 3 seconds", but a small, reliable and
consistent income using ClickBank and Google.

And he does it by doing something *slightly* different to the
affiliate masses.

And if that isn't the holy grail, I don't know what is.

His methods are unorthadox, new and proven to generate capital.


My only regret is that I didn't mention it earlier.




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