Fox661, He Made $23 Million Doing This…



You know it as well as I do by now. The internet is
fraught with peril. Everyone wants your money with
little concern for HOW they get it.

And it's all because the gurus are a clueless bunch.
They are like "New Money". They have the cash,
but they got it practically by accident and they
don't know what they're doing.

And that means BAD news. Because we're talking
about YOUR money, and if you're making one of these
critical mistakes, then it could cost you everything.

Frank Kern is going to make it all ok. You just have
to see this.

These are the costly mistakes that the gurus make and
how you can one up them more easily than you ever
thought possible.


The Easiest Way to Riches

We're all here for a reason. A damn good one at
that: Money.

But realistically, is it really money that we're
talking about?

For me it's more like freedom: freedom to go where I
want when I want, not having a boss, not dealing with
that accursed commute to work. Not worrying…

And I think you know, I have tried many ways. Scratch
that, I work with many ways: multiple streams of income

But one of them is so easy it's simply absurd. Kind
of like the magic trick that amazes you until you
figure out the trick and then you feel silly because
it was right there all along…

Information products…


I GET it, Here's Proof

No, I'm no mind reader, but I read all the feedback
I get from my customers and subscribers and I know
what you're thinking.

Most likely, you're a little angry, and you should
be, what with all the lies and B.S.

Most likely, you're even a little nervous, which is
really the worst of all. Anger is ok because it can
cause you to take the right kind of action…

Now nervous is another story. Most people get nervous
because after trying for a while and getting no where,
they start to feel trapped and helpless. Like it
should have worked by now, and maybe it's just not

Maybe you actually WILL be stuck behind that desk for
countless more years until you retire with a meagre
pension, burn out by a long life of servitude.

And that's a killer. Because it really truly CAN be
done, but worst of all…

It's Insanely Easy

I wouldn't dare stretch the truth. It's easier
than going to school. It's easier than getting up
in the morning every day to do something you don't
like. It's also a lot more rewarding.

Frank Kern is somewhat of a genius I might say. I
think people could spend a lifetime figuring out what
he already knows. He has a mind for marketing unlike
any other.

Mind Control, Manipulation and Psychological Warfare
The gurus out there are teaching you to be used car
salesmen. Forget that. It's far easier and far
more fun when people actually LIKE you.

And believe it or not, none of it is accidental.
There is a surefire way to skyrocket yourself into
that position in any niche.

There is a simple and proven way for ANYBODY to wake
up today and start their six or seven figure internet
business right now.

Listen, don't take my word for it, just go watch


If you do anything at all this week besides eat and
sleep, make sure it's watching these videos. I
think so highly of them it would sound like hype if I
put it in writing.

But I think if you watch this, you'll GET it.
You'll see what I'm talking about, and you won't
miss a beat.


I'll Take you UNDER MY WING

I've been wanting to do this for a while… But
it's harder than you might think.

You see, I get emails all the time asking for personal
coaching, but I always decline. I get offered
thousands for a couple of hours of consultation, but
again, I turn it down. It just happens to take a lot
of time, which to me is extremely valuable.

But I decided this was it. I was finally willing to
let a couple of privileged insiders get some access.

So I got together with Alex Goad and we're putting
together a very exclusive club / mastermind group / JV
/ investment circle.

It's high level stuff where real marketers get
together to discuss their businesses. Yes, you're
going to build a real business with the help of some
of the top marketers in the industry today, as well as
your peers.

The name of the Club is "Player's With Money".
Several times monthly, we get together and help each
other make more money. And it works. This is easily
thousands of dollars worth of value.
And I don't even sell it. The only way you can get
in, for now, is by joining Mass Control. Then I'll
know you fit the profile, and even though you may be
penniless today, your commitment to becoming a Player
with Money is strong.

And we'll do what it takes to get you there.


Don't delay because spots in both programs are
extremely limited, and as you probably know by now,
every marketer and their brother is promoting this.
It will be sold out faster than fast and Frank
doesn't mess around with extra copies and the like.

But you still have time. It launches February first
and you can get on the priority announcement list as
well as watch hours of mindblowing video when you sign
up. Do it now.


Talk soon,

Chris X & Alex Goad

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