Fox661, Mass Control is Live


Mass Control has just gone live:


If you order quick enough, you will also get access to my
"Player's With Money" mastermind group.

This *exclusive* community, put together by me and Alex of
Project Black Mask & Google Payload fame, will guide you
through the Mass Control methods and provide the hands-on
support you need to profit.

Do not underestimate the value of working towards a shared
goal with like-minded people – it's one of the keys to my
success, and a select few are about to find out why.

The difference is, me and my inner circle had to learn the
ropes together. It took me 18 months to go from zero to one
million dollars.

If we had even *one* info product veteran amongst us, we
would have done it in half the time. Arguably less.

And if you take action today, you will have *two* such
mentors – me and Alex will be on hand to advise,
trouble-shoot, and give you insider tips that no-one else
has the balls to even think of.

But whatever you do, *remember* one thing is looking more
and more certain: Mass Control will inevitably sell out

You can see it coming with this one.

So, make your decision now



Chris, Alex,

Day Job Killer.


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