Fox661, Only 500 – What The Hey…


Have you been following the whole Mass Control saga?

If you have, then you must be curious, at the very least.
I mean this is the formula that has a perfect record of
generating monster launches (something like$23.6 million).


But what is it really about? It's easy to lose track of
that with all the dollar figures flying about…

What's in it for YOU Bonuses

Frank has just released this new video that takes you
through exactly what you can expect. One way or another, I
wouldn't miss this because it will tell you exactly what
you need to know.

It's not too late to check it out yet if you haven't
done so, although it will be soon because

The Nut is Only Selling 500 Copies

Ya ya, I know, scarcity sells, you're telling me… But
common : 500 copies? It's practically ridiculous.

There are nearly 50 thousand people registered to the
notification list. 50k watching those videos, and a great
deal of them already have the trigger on the buy button.

Worst part is, Frank has done a test run where he let a
couple of early birds get an order link. This was sent to
less than 60 people and ALREADY, 33 spots, GONE.

And with the bonuses that just keep piling up… It's
going to sell out in minutes.

Frank has hinted to the fact that he may let a couple more
people in IF he can find more people to help him with
support. Thing is he needs REALLY high level people to
make sure the customers are getting more than their
money's worth.

And Frank doesn't mess around with quality or numbers, so
I wouldn't count on it.

500 is bad news. It means that only a small percentage of
those who want it will actually be able to get it…


Player's With Money

I believe in Mass Control so much (hey, I've used some of
it before and the results speak for themselves) that I've
put together a massive gift for you when you decided to
join the ranks.

This isn't just some books or audios or seminar
recordings from 2005. Oh no, this is the real deal.

I'm going to let you in on a little secret. One of the
MOST determining factors of my success has been a simple
mastermind group. We get together every Thursday.

Just having these other marketers around, doing the same
thing, living the same life, striving towards the same
goals has been priceless.

Their experience has put countless dollars in my pocket and
vice versa.

Imagine every time you get stuck, you have someone who's
been there and done it before…

That's what I'm proposing here. Together with Alex
Goad, I'm setting up a very exclusive community where
Mass Controllers will get together to do some serious

There's going to be a forum as well as material from top
marketers today.

Plus you'll have the chance to not only get your
questions answered by the top people in the industry,
you'll even have us there to tear your marketing apart
and transform you into a smoking hot conversion machine.

This is a One Time Thing

This is a test run. I suspect it will be quite an
engagement on my part and I don't know if I will ever
offer something like this again. Makes sense when you know
I turn down several grand for a couple of hours of

Player's With Money. This is your chance to join the
club. As a Mass Controller, you fit the bill to the
"t" and with a minimum of elbow grease; you're going
to pay off the price of tuition long before the return
period comes around…

If you can get in.

Do yourself a favour and decide now

I remember plain and good how it was when these big
launches would roll around and I wanted to buy in but the
price was, let's say, prohibitive.

I would literally get butterflies in my stomach stressing
out whether I would buy or not. And often, it got to its
worst on launch morning.

There's no reason to live that way. Decide now, while
you have a cool head.

Watch the video, it tells you exactly what to expect. Then
think about it for a minute. If this the opportunity you
want, make sure you're there tomorrow morning early when
it all goes live.

And otherwise, just let it be. No hard feelings, it's
not for everybody.



Chris X and Alex Goad

P.S. If you decide to take us up on the exceptional
Player's With Money Bonus, simply send us your receipt
here and we'll lock in your spot.

I would put a cap on this membership, but I don't think
it's even needed because the course will sell out faster
than you can say "first 50"…

The course will start very shortly and we'll be waiting
for you in the club.


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