Fox661, ClickBank Profits Without A Website…


As you know I only endorse products and services that I
believe in, so when I tell you that I've a true "hands-off"
system for ClickBank affiliates, you know I am serious.


My good friend, Dustin Struckman, has just launched a true
"push-button" ClickBank system that literally does
for you – just enter your CB id and go…


Basically, he's created 10 "Silver Bullets" – fully
out of the box ClickBank campaigns – and each is designed

* Automatically build an email list for you
* Automatically follow-up with your prospects
* Automatically convert them into customers
* Automatically pay you a commission when they buy

All of this happens without you having to do or write or
create a
single thing. You don't even need your own autoresponder.
The system handles everything for you . . . *automatically*

Sign up today ==>

Each month, Dustin picks 10 of the Top paying affiliate
products and creates these Silver Bullets for them. What's
Silver Bullet, you ask? It's a profit-seeking set of tools
for each
of the 10 products. Each Silver Bullet includes:

* Professional Video Squeeze Page – to capture your
name and email
* High-quality Squeeze Video – to grab your visitors'
and get them to opt into your list
* Content Mini-site – to pre-sell your affiliate product
and earn
you commissions
* 5-part Email Series – to follow up with your prospects
convert more sales for you on the back-end
* 250 Keyword-rich, AdSense article to draw traffic from
search engines and earn you a little extra on the side!

And all you have to do is:
1. Sign up for your Affiliate Silver Bullet account
2. Enter your ClickBank Nickname (free to get) into your
ASB account
3. Upload the AdSense articles to get traffic to your
Silver Bullets. OR promote them to make it work even

That's it! Absolutely everything else happens

You don't even need your own website:

* No web hosting, domain or website required – Included!
* No special skills necessary – It's nearly 100%

Take a look at the Site and see the quality of these Silver
Bullets for yourself:


Once you see them, you'll understand why I'm so excited
this program and why I'm encouraging you to get started
with it
right away.



PS Dustin's offering this service for an extremely low
price right
now, but he won't be for much longer


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