Fox661, $3k In A Day With One Keyword…


A DayJobKiller customer recently emailed
me that he'd made over $100,000 so far in
1 month – with 1 keyword, 1 landing page & just
1 ClickBank offer!

I didn't believe him at first… then he finally
told me the keyword, the landing page & the
clickbank product and I saw what he was upto.

In case you're wondering (of course you are)…

The 1 Keyword is a popular Brand Name that
is marketed like HELL in Jan, the landing
page basically says "XYZ Brand" doesn't work,
I had success with "XYZ clickbank product"…
and the results are 3-5K/day in earnings!

In case you haven't got Day Job Killer, head here


You can see a screen shot of his earnings here
at his new blog where he's writing a "diary" of
his experiences with affiliate marketing.

He got so busy with his affiliate marketing, that
he had to take some of the good ideas he had
to start outsourcing his work to…

…rather than doing all the work himself.

He's now on his 2nd campaign with CDM, working
on a ringtones offer and it's already making
several hundred bucks a day.

Cheers – I hope to hear many more successes
from my readers this year.



Day Job Killer

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