Fox661, $2200 In 3 Days From Adwords, But…


Are you sick of paying through the teeth for Google


If so, I don't blame you – last week I tested an affiliate
campaign on Adwords – a real simple review page in a hot
niche (it's all about the product and keyword combo,
remember, the other stuff is just noise)

And guess what? I pulled in close to $2200 in sales in 3

I almost fell off my chair until I realized… my ad spend
was $1700.

Of course, I can split-test and tweak my way to more
profit, but the point here is this…

Sitting there, looking at my ad spend, I realized that
Adwords can be stifling. Especially for those without the
cash and the patience to make the big moves.

After all, I had to run through *several* losing campaigns
before I hit on that lone *winner*.

One affiliate who is outright *refusing* to play that game
is Ant Joshua.

He got tired of opening his wallet to Google before he got
paid – and you should see how he's getting on since he
started trialling his methods 3 months back:


Update: he has just had TWO back-to-back $200 days in a
row, and if you don't have the capital to use Adwords but
still want *fast* affiliate traffic, you should give this a

The methods inside this guide are not only proven – they
are also covered in complete and comprehensive detail.

So, if you are after a low-risk angle to profiting with
ClickBank, this comes *highly* recommended – especially at
the discount launch price.




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