Fox661, Google Assassin For Hire …

Hi Fox661,

As I promised on Monday, my PPC Management service has *just* gone live


If you are an Adwords high-roller, you need to review that letter right away.

After all, I have never gone "freelance" before, instead preferring a
"reclusive millionaire"-type existence.

But, due to excessive demand (and I do mean excessive), I am entering the
market, and taking on a very small number of serious, agressive clients.

A maximum of 5 to be exact. Maybe less.

So, if you:

– want to grow your business agressively this year with Adwords

– are currently adding more to Google's bottom line than your own,

– and want to change that ASAP…

… step up and register your interest.

It's super limited and for super serious marketers only (you know who you are)

If that's you, I look forward to hearing from you


To a successful 2008,


Day Job Killer.

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