RE: Fox661, Adwords Management…

Hi Fox661,

Thanks for a tremendous response to my TeamROI management service.


We received over 270 responses so far, and I just wanted to take a moment to
answer the most common questions:

Q: What kind of person should apply?
A: The service is aimed at agressive marketers with serious change to drop
on Adwords. I am also looking to focus on areas that I know I can dominate –
i.e. info products and affiliate related offers. If you have an existing
e-book or affiliate related offer, you should seriously consider getting in

Q: How much do you charge?
A: At this point it is going to be on a performance basis – either a
percentage of ad spend or profit. Payment will be tied to performance.
Beyond that, it depends on the client.

Q: How can you increase my profits?
A: There are many paths to a profitable campaign. Superior keyword
selection, ad copy and sales copy will get you 90% of the way there. The
rest is down to constant tracking and obsessive day-to-day improvement. I
also have a few tricks up my sleeve…

Q: I don't have any websites / experience, but I am still interested…
A: Due to limited time, I can only work with 4 or 5 clients to start with.
Max. That being said, I am thinking of ways to offer a "lite" version of
his service for marketers who are just getting started. Stay tuned.

Thanks again, and keep the comments coming




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