Fox661, Did This Happen To You?

Hi Fox661,

When you started hearing about "this internet thing", I bet one of
the first names you heard was "eBay".

I bet you heard how well they were doing on the stock market and
also how ordinary people with no training and basically no clue
were making a killing selling things ranging from garden hose to
pieces of toast with the face of Jesus on them.

Yes, eBay is a weird weird place.

Well you weren't alone. I was there at the front of the line,
putting up auctions for random junk. Even losing money buying the
supposed "magical source" for drop shipping.

The only magic that happened was "hey presto", there goes my money…

There were a Ton of Scammers

As it happens when a "business opportunity" gets a lot of news
coverage, the low lives crawled out of the cracks and started
touting their "get rich on eBay" programs.

Problem is, the only money they ever made was selling those kits.
As far as auctions were concerned, they were as stumped as me and

And tens of thousands fell into the trap. To the point where and
eBay business came to be considered…

An Old School Pipe Dream

So many suckers had been caught. You may have been one of them. I

I probably got further than most because I found this little niche
that worked well for me. You see I was selling old books.

I started getting a knowledge of which ones to buy, which ones
would sell, which ones would give the highest profit…. And it made

Trouble is, not enough money. I found that when everything went as
planned and I worked as fast as I could, I still generated only
about $25 an hour.

Not bad, but not the kind of cash that puts you on easy street
either, if you know what I mean.

A lot of essential tools were missing,

Outcome Changing Tools You can Get Today

Fast forward to the present, and until today, not much had changed.
There were tools, there were manuals, but there was none of the
glue that makes the whole model come together in a coherent
functional whole.

Jimmy Huber, eBay Powerseller is changing all that today.

You see, after making 11 million plus last year and countless more
millions the years before, he got tired of the liars, scammers and
frauds setting innocent people on the wrong path.

Especially when he knew how easy it REALLY WAS, when you followed
the RIGHT system.

Created by 4 powersellers with 7 figure eBay incomes, this thing is
the "no-holds barred, make a killing on eBay Black Book".

Operation Money Suck is Underway

With literally hundreds of millions of users, eBay sells more stuff
than the gross domestic product of most countries in the world.
Even a tiny slice of that pie is colossal enough to feed you for
the rest of your life (even if you feed yourself with expensive
cars and five star travel).

Here's just some of the stuff you'll find:

– How to choose which products to sell

– How to source them

– How to get your customers to buy from you again and again

– How to set up your own website

– How to set up an autoresponder to follow up with your customers

– How to organize your store so that you niche properly (many of
the course creators have excellent examples, e.g. pricebreakerno1,
who sells costumes)

– How to automate your eBay business using the various software

– How to deal with eBay's new feedback rules and fees

– How to make incredible money selling ebooks on eBay and so much

== >

Here's the "nuts"

Notice bullet number 5: an autoresponder? With eBay? H*ll ya!

I didn't know this until lately when one of my customers showed me
how they built a list of 5000 names, often without paying a cent,
all of it through eBay auctions.

And that's on top of the money they made from the upfront sales.

To be clear, this guy is making a killing AND building a list,
selling clickbank affiliate products ON EBAY.

In fact, this may be one of the few real secret weapons left out

And what about the last bullet: money from ebooks and the like?

Big big money selling 2 and 3 dollar ebooks. You get them for free
and mass sell them for pennies.

Then your autoresponder hits them with higher end products and
everything is automated. The money comes in and your list is
growing daily…

Is it Any Good?

I won't beat around the bush: it's DAMN good.

If you're a budding affiliate, product owner or just generally
someone who could benefit from either a little extra income or a
full time internet lifestyle, I would sooner skip lunch than the
link below.

I can't even say I've scratched the surface here. Which doesn't
mean it's complicated, only that it's complete. A real business in
a box.

== >

Sudden Death Bonus Removal

There are two extra pieces of software that automate all these
processes to such a degree it makes it as easy to move 1000 units
as it is to move 10.

One of those is Traffic Travis. Funny name, I know, but don't let
that fool you, the results aren't that funny unless money makes you

The first 500 buyers are getting this. The first 500 buyers
amongst the over 100 thousand people this is going out to…

But I spoke to Jimmy and got you More

Another secret weapon. One that he had no intention of giving
away. Ever. But here it is folks, a Day Job Killer Exclusive:

Auction Inspector: it locates the most profitable auctions around
so you can feed off the existing sellers like a shark in shallow
water. It's brutal yes, but it doesn't get any better. It's a dog
eat dog world, and you know me, I prefer to be the dog doing the

You can get it here for free when you make a move with this link

== >


Chris X & Alex Goad

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