RE: Fox661, The Problem With ClickBank And Google…

Hi Fox661,

Just a quick thank you for the immense feedback for Conversion


But also a reminder that the offer will disappear within 24 hours.

If you want to inject a virtual shot of steroids into your Adwords
campaign, this is your one chance to do it. Say goodbye to the days
of needing to blow $50 or $100 to test a PPC campaign.

In fact, with Conversion Prophet, you'll be privvy to covert intel
that even the product owner doesn't know…. but it's oh-so-simple
to use and completely seemless.

All it takes is sending visitors to a little web link. No website
required, just sit back and let CP flag the "hot spots" and top
converters for you.

It's the next level in affiliate intelligence for PPC affiliates
and Google Cashers … *but* offers this good must come to an end.

As such, the link will dissapear in the next 24 hours (the special
price, bonus, all of it).

It's like having a Google crystal ball…so move quickly – and enjoy




Day Job Killer

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