Fox661, How To Have A ClickBank Number 1…

Hi Fox661,

Back in October 2006 when we dropped Affiliate Project X, we sold a
little under 6,000 copies in the first 7 days.

That's unusual – but what was *really* unusual was that we didn't
have a big list when we launched. There were only a handful of JV
partners (all with lists of under 20,000).

Essentially, we came out of nowhere and "blew up".

It's one thing when a big guru drops a product and sells well –
after all, they have the distribution.

But when a "no name" does it, I keep a very watchful eye on the
mechanics behind the launch – the sales copy, the product, the
entire process.

To make six figures in the space of a week – With no "top down"
promotion, and no big names behind it – is impressive.

Now, I have actually gone from "zero to guru" practically overnight
in 3 different niches now (as an info product creator), and I could
probably do it in a dozen or so other niches too.

It's just a question of understanding the basic triggers and
principles – and the sales tidal wave is inevitable.

One guy who understands this dynamic *very* well is Rob Benwell.
His first product "Blogging to the Bank" blew up from nowhere to
become a ClickBank #1 in fact.

I was actually with Rob on Friday here in Manchester – and pretty
shocked to hear that his latest product was an expose on how to
make money in the IM market itself.

But the truth is, these same principles apply in *any* info product
niche – whether its "make money" or "dog training".

I have just reviewed the download page, and the content is original
and 100% unique.

It's also pure *gold* and the principles are faultless.


If you like watching step-by-step video, and, if you would like to
go from "zero to 60" overnight with your own info product, its
mandatory that you check this one out.

One final thought: Rob says only 1,000 copies will be sold. Ever.
So, you need to move quick if you want to secure a copy.




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