Fox661, The Problem With Network Marketing…

Hi Fox661,

I tried pretty much everyone business opportunity under the sun
before I got into Internet Marketing – from betting systems to
eBay, I did it all.

One area I tried to avoid was network marketing – not because of
its seedy reputation, but because I hated anything that involves
selling in person, making cold calls, pushing stuff onto your close
friends… it just sounds too much like hard work.

Second reason I don't like network marketing – I could never find a
product I believed in enough to try and sell it (at least not in
that kind of a "hard sell" situation).

That's probably one of the reasons that only 1 in 311 Network
Marketing companies survive the first year – poor products mean the
model just isn't sustainable, and the whole thing collapses like a
house of cards. Once the first "leg" is established by the top
go-getters, the momentum dies off.

Of course, there are good sides to network marketing too – the
insane money you can make, and the fact that its residual… but
all in all, the downsides have always been too strong for me to try
any network marketing opportunity.

And, I have never, in the 2 years that this list has been running,
recommended a network marketing opportunity.

Today I am breaking with tradition, and doing exactly that. Here's

Let's start with the important bit. The name of the product is
"Synergy" – and its a pill for curing heart disease. It's been
proven to work – and it's *not* a case of "setup the marketing
funnel, and throw together the product as an after thought".

That last point is very important – since network marketing is
about residual sales, if the product and longetivity isn't there,
you have a problem. Here, it is – which is reflected in the 6%
attrition rate (most network companies lose as much as 60% of their
members in the first month).

In fact, the company behind Synergy is a 37 year old billion-dollar
giant – and Synergy itself has been selling successfully for 6 years.

I also personally know 2 of the people involved in the launch – and
their track record tells me there could well be something
potentially very big here (one of them just closed down his
Internet Marketing business, which was doing about $1m net per
year, to join).

Finally – and for me this is perhaps the most important bit – the
whole thing is being setup as an on-line business in a box –
meaning NO face-to-face selling, no cold calling and no need to
push stuff onto your close friends.

You get a website with full-training when you join – and the
benefit of the experience of the team behind it. The recruitment
system is on-line and "behind the scenes" – just send traffic to
the page, and enjoy the rewards.

It's network marketing – with all the residual benefits, but none
of the nasty bits.

One closing point – this thing is already selling – one woman made
$3,000 in her first week, another is pulling in $80k a month, every
month, for the last few years. So, the proof is already there.

So, here it is – probably the only network marketing opp you will
ever here me recommend.




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