Fox661, $100k From A Single Affiliate Promotion…

Hi Fox661,

Unless you have been living under a rock for the last 2 years, you
probably know who Andrew Fox is.

You have probably seen the yacht, the million dollar beach-front
house and the two Ferrari's parked outside.

You might know that he has sold over $200k worth of my products –
without breaking a sweat.

The "kid" who made $100k from a single affiliate promotion…


What you hear less about is the inner workings of his business – if
indeed you can call it a "business".

Because, having met Andrew several times I can tell you this:
despite the trappings of wealth, don't be deceived – he is one of
the laziest people I know.

In a cut-throat industry where its becoming *tougher* to make money
with ClickBank, he makes a six-figure income and rarely works more
than 10 hours a week.

While others spend days crafting up well-laid plans on 10 foot
whiteboards, Andrew simply follows his formula and enjoys the

Believe the copy – he's the poster child for the information age

Which leads onto the big question – how does he do it?

Well, here's the short answer: Andrew is very good at making a lot
of money from a very small list.

Of course, it isn't quite *that* simple – and there's genius
driving the process, hidden behind the flashy surface – a few
really important elements which generate the income – completely
obvious to him, but counter-intuitive to everyone else.

Which is why Andrew sat down about 2 months ago, and decided to
perform a detailed analysis of how he makes so much with so little
effort. An exaustive run-down on how he does so well, while 99% of
affiliates fail.

About a week ago, I got an e-mail from Andrew – "I'm exhausted, but
it's done…"

And today, it's available to anyone with a working internet
connection and a desire to see through the eyes of one of the top
CB affiliates on the net – a complete, step-by-step battle plan on
how to become a super affiliate, and to do it all in under 60 days.

In fact, its called "X Factor Affiliate" and it's actually a
six-week intensive *boot camp* – all explained in video format. So,
you can just hit "play" and absorb every drop of information.

An exhaustive, video coaching program on how one "ClickBank kid"
made over $100k from a single promotion.

To this day, Andrew amazes me – I suggest you see why…





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