Fox661, This Fools Google In 4 Seconds…

Hi Fox661,

I have just got back from a 7 day stay in Moscow and St Petersburg.

While I was there, I got an e-mail from Latif of Google Snatch
fame. He has been working on a project to *automate* his Google
Snatch method for almost 10 months now.

And after several delays and date changes, its almost here.

Time for a recap…

Google Snatch dropped about a year ago – and it showed how Mo was
competing in the super competitive insurance market, beating
multi-national companies and huge conglomerates on some of the
*toughest* keywords on the planet ($9 a click, anyone?).

A complete strategy for niche domination – without paying the
search engines another dime.

The Google Snatch method was – and still is – one of the best ways
to siphon off clicks from Google,… *but* it came with a

The whole model was dependant on you writing *content*.

I can almost hear the cries from my list – you want to get paid,
not go back to school, right?

In fact, unless you want to hand cash over to Google via Adwords,
you have to go the SEO route to get traffic – and that means
*unique* content.

No two ways about it – you need to write content to build up the
back-links, content to keep your readers on your site.

And herein lies the issue – content takes *time* to write. Google
will happily send targeted visitors your way – provided you add
unique content to your site, each and every day.

But, frankly, 90% of people don't have the time to do that.

They don't want to sit down and write 100 articles each week. Who

Up until now, the only solution to this problem was to either get
writing, outsource the job (which costs money) – or buy a "content
spinner" – software that automatically rewords existing articles to
make them unique.

But this isn't without its complications either – every content
spinner I have come across spits out what can only be described as
unreadable, nonsensical language.

Which is no good if you want to submit your content to blog and
article directories, build up those back-links and get the kind of
long-term "Google Love" that brings auto-pilot money for years to

Essentially, the "old school" content spinners or pretty much
useless for white-hat SEO. They don't fool anyone.

Enter "I-Content Robot", Latif's latest invention – it's a content
spinner – but *not* as you know it.

ICR is revoltionary in that it spits out *unique* and completely
*readable* articles in less than 4 seconds.

In other words – it's the missing piece of the puzzle when it comes
to getting consistent, job-killing and *FR.EE* clicks from Google.
And doing it all with the click of a button.

And it takes less than 4 seconds.


I got a test-run of ICR last night as I got over my jet-lag… and
it's pretty startling to watch – I couldn't work out which was the
original article, and which were the "spun" versions.

It fooled me – but then I don't feel too bad – Mo's been using it
to fool the article directories, search engines and of course, the
normally-razor-sharp Google for a few months now.

He was making $100,000 per year a year ago – you will be shocked to
see what he is making with his new toy.

And do you know what makes it all so impressive? The *speed*: you
can create thousands of unique versions of the same content with
the click of a button. All readable and completely original. I had
to see it to believe it.

So there it is: a life-time supply of target.ed traffic – by
giving Google what they want. No more bloated Adwords bills. No
more months of writing.

i-Content Robot is dropping tomorrow – and if you have the
slightest leaning towards SEO & getting clicks from Google,
you should watch this one very carefully. It's arguably the missing
piece of the puzzle in the "SEO Wars".


Oh and one last thing for the few on the fence – it's launching at
a heavily discounted, but very *limited* price – stay tuned for
more info…



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