RE: Fox661, This Fools Google In 4 Seconds..

Hi Fox661,

iContent Robot has just gone live.

Remember, it's the missing piece of the " clicks from Google"
puzzle, and the follow-up to the best-seller affiliate guide,
Google Snatch.


Only 500 copies will be sold at the discounted launch price – so
you must act quickly if you want to siphon off traffic, fool
Google… and do it in under 4 seconds.

A quick recap: when it comes to Google and the other search
engines, you can either buy traffic ("paid search" like Google
Adwords), or get it for nothing ("organic search").

For the "boot-strap" affiliate who wants job-killing income but
doesn't have cash to invest, traffic is preferable.

But here's the catch: to get it for you need "Google Love" –
and that only happens when you get content and lots of it. Cue the
sound of 100,000 affiliates screaming in agony.

After all, who wants to spend thousands of hours writing?

Well, agonise no longer – iContent Robot takes the tough part – the
writing – and automates it, generating unique, 100% readable,
bullet-proof articles… in under 4 seconds.

It has been *proven* to fool Google – it even fooled me – and it's
about to cause a storm. Seriously.

If you want to siphon clicks from Google, do it the quick and
*easy* way – and put an end to the days of heavy Adwords bills,
this comes highly recommended




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