Fox661, Ignore The $100 Million Part…

Hi Fox661,

Right now your inbox has probably been inundated with e-mails about
a new package called "Product Launch Formula 2".

It's by a guy called Jeff Walker – and the name probably doesn't
mean much to you.

Because Jeff is very much a "behind the scenes" kind of guy,

But trust me, he knows how to make waves – for one, Jeff has been
behind pretty much *every* big launch in IM history (including the
monstrous StomperNet which did $12 million in receivables).

So that's why your in-box has been flooded this past week – Jeff is
seriously well connected, and a lot of these top guys owe him. Big

In fact, his launches have grossed over $100 million – but that's
probably not relevant to 90% of you (a point I will return to).

But let's rewind a bit… this is after all the *second* Product
Launch Formula.

The first version of PLF was the blueprint that pretty much every
Internet Marketer follows to create a buzz for their latest release.

I even referred to it regularly for our fabled "Day Job Killer"
launch back in February of last year.

I remember this one frame in the video entitled "the reasons people
buy" (a 500×500 pixel spider chart) – that screen-grab was worth
the cost of the package alone.

I still refer back to PLF for all of my launches – trust me, that
package is filled with gold.

But here we are, and PLF 1.0 is "old school" – PLF 2.0 is what it's
about now. It's the "updated for 2008" version.

I am sure that from the 1,000 e-mails like this one you have
already received that you already know 2 things: PLF comes highly
recommended – and that the copies are liable to sell out in like 12
minutes…. but do you actually know what the course *is*?

Well, let me tell you what PLF 2.0 is *not* – PLF 2.0 is not an
introduction to the world of Internet Marketing.

It is not about affiliate marketing, PPC or Google.

It's not even an introduction to selling info products.

Oh no. This is some jedi-level stuff for a handful of marketers who
want to make seven figures and up.

It's for the guys who want to launch or grow their info product
business – and dominate their respective niche.

More specifically, PLF 2 is about selling a *massive* amount of
your info products (or indeed any product), in a very short space
of time.

If you have ever seen fisherman throw "chum" into the water, and a
feeding frenzy erupts within seconds… *that's* the kind of effect
PLF is looking to create.

Now if you are already selling info products, this is a very easy
sale for me to make.

In fact, I am not even going to bother selling you guys.

Go check out the copy, and see what I mean (Just be sure to get
your bonus – see below).


But what about everyone else – the guys who *don't* have an info
product, but know that there is serious money in it… if only they
knew how?

If PLF 2 is jedi-mind-trick stuff, and you are barely able to hold
a lightsabre, where does that leave you?

Well, I was thinking about the huge divide between the two extremes
last week – and I decided to do something about it.

So, I sat down and created a bonus for my PLF 2 buyers. But a bonus
with a difference…


You see, rather than creating some 39 DVD series that's "worth
$3,995" (which no doubt everyone is doing), I wanted to do the

And so, my bonus is a short pdf report – under 20 pages in length.

But don't let the length fool you – if you are looking to launch /
expand your info product business, then the report is exactly what
you need.

Inside this miniscule report I am going to show you 2 things – what
kind of product to create, and how to promote it (using an advanced
Google technique).

So, it's just…

1. A list of 5 ClickBank niches.
2. A method for Google Adwords.

Let's start with the list of 5 niches – it's difficult to attach a
figure to this. But I managed to do it – $100,000 per month.

Because these 5 niches are the areas I am either already selling in
– or am lookng to enter in 2008.

One of the niches I have already entered this year and am making
about $15,000/month net from. Another netted me $100/day as an
affiliate – and sometime in May I will be entering the market as a

In total, I am looking to hit $100k a month from these niches alone
by the end of the year. It's a goal I set in February – and one I
will accomplish.

I have already done the research and decided *why* these are the
super hot niches. But all you need to know is that these are the
niches *I* have chosen to enter.

And the method for Google Adwords? Well, I am staying tight-lipped
about that one. But all I will say is this:

– My method exploits a feature inside your Adwords account that is
relatively new. But 100% endorsed by Google (well, 90% of it).

– I am currently using this very feature – along with a *twist* to
it – to generate about 4,000 leads per week and $1200 per day from
one campaign. I have also used this same method to generate about
$200 a day in net profit from a simple ClickBank affiliate campaign.

– This method is unique because – with minimal testing – it allows
you to *determine* the level of profitability you are happy with.
You can literally choose the ROI you want to make. And no, it has
nothing to do with keywords – it involves the *content* network.

Secondly, if you order PLF 2 from my link, I will send you over a
link to my Complete Guide to Info Products Videos – which will walk
you step-by-step through the entire info product process (from
creating your guide to writing the sales copy and getting
affiliates on board).

In between PLF 2 and my bonus package, you know exactly what to do
– it's the blueprint to $100,000 a month (after all, it's the same
one I am following).


But I almost *resent* having to release this information. It's only
because I benefitted personally from PLF 1 so damn much that I am
even writing this e-mail.

And so, the bonus is only available for the first 10 people who
buy. I can live with 10 people knowing my hottest niches and my
$1400 Adwords technique.

Any more, and I start to see too many copy-cats. I have to draw the

That's officially the most limited bonus I have ever released –
only 10 copies.

And given that PLF 2 is probably going to sell out in a few hours
(no, seriously), you need to move quick.


Once you have ordered, kick your receipt to –
your bonus will be e-mailed to you in password-protect,
for-your-eyes-only form sometime on Friday.



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