Fox661, Force A Guru To Make You Cash…

Hi Fox661,

It was about 2 months ago…

All of a sudden my man, Alex Goad, didn't reply to any of my
messages anymore.

What was wrong? He used to always reply to me almost instantly,
back in the days of Google Payload and Project Black Mask.

Anyway, it seemed like he just vanished… disappeared from this

Was he ignoring me? I couldn't think of any reason why he would do

But a couple of days later he suddenly replied. He told me he had
been 'gone' for a couple of days.

But the interesting part was WHY he had been 'gone'…

Was Alex Kidnapped By Aliens?

Well, no. But it *was* a close encounter of the third kind, and he
was practically held hostage.

You see, this guy suddenly came out of nowhere and forced Alex to
reveal some of his most precious moneymaking secrets.

And while he was at it, Alex apparently revealed some of mine too.

Now as you've got to know, Alex is just like me – usually none too
keen to take part in interviews or do stuff for just about any
person that sends him an e-mail.

So, I wondered who this guy was to get him into this.

Alex told me his name was Ference Kish, and said he was a
persistent guy who not only talked him into participating in his
little scheme while he usually never does that, but also…

Forced Alex To Make Him and *You* Money

You see, apparently Ference's persuasion skills forced Alex to make
money for him.

And even Alex didn't even understand what he got into. But he caved

The result? One of the very best interviews he's ever given.

Including some of *my* own best-kept secrets.

I didn't really like the fact that he revealed some of my secrets
though, so I myself was forced to put a little stopper on this…

500 Copies Will Be Released… Period.

I didn't want this to get into the hands of too many. I just wanted
this to get into the hands of the smart ones who'd appreciate the
value of this.

So I got Alex and Ference to make me a sincere promise. I made them
promise me to release no more than 500 of these – ever.

On top of that I wanted you as my loyal reader the best possible
deal. So I got them to make a copy available for you dirt cheap.
Seriously – check the link.

But you've got to be quick, because 500 copies is not much.

So What Is This Whole Thing About Anyway?

Ference has this product that reveals the exact methods to catch
your own guru to make money for you AND do all the dirty work,
before this guru even gets aware of what has happened.

You know, the same thing he did himself with Alex… (which is also
undeniable proof that it works).

I've seen it. It's like stealing cash from a guru. But then it's
perfectly legal.

Let me put it like this:

This is a fool-proof, step-by-step method to make the easiest
cashflow you've ever seen.

And who knows… If you follow Ference's stuff to the T, you may even
be able to catch me or Alex as YOUR guru.

Anyway, you can read the whole story here:

And by the way, just because the number of copies is limited
doesn't mean this is extremely expensive or anything. In fact, I've
got to say it's dirt-cheap really. Wouldn't cost more than a night
out with a couple of drinks. Probably lot less.

I highly recommend and endorse this.

And by the way, the interview with Alex comes as a bonus.

So anyway, if you ever wanted your own personal guru to make you
staggering amounts of cash (without you hardly having to do
anything), then this is what you need.

Here's the link:


Chris X and The Day Job Killer Team

P.S. With only 500 copies available at such a dirt-cheap price,
it's likely this will be gone within 24 hours. And after that it'll
be like this offer never existed in the first place.

So if you like the idea of making easy cash by letting a guru do
all the dirty work for you, then go take a look before it's gone.
Here's the link again:

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