Fox661, The Nerd Who Couldn’t Talk…

Hi Fox661,

A very short e-mail today – I'm on the move yet again.

Earlier this week, I discovered a sales letter that I just *had* to
read – because it had one of the best headlines I have seen in a
long time.


Apart from the attention-pulling header, and the (equally strong
sales letter), the product is worth a mention – its insanely

Seriously – I was shocked the sheer amount of content in here –
frankly I have seen $3,000 big box products with less bang for buck.

PDF's, interviews, step-by-step videos: it's all here.

More importantly, the guide itself is written by a true "nobody to
somebody" success story – who is now pumping over $300k a year from

It's really a "brain dump" of everything (and I mean everything)
Kevin learnt along the way, including:

* Stealthy ways to get traffic to your website
* How to craft the perfect offer and make people practically beg to
buy your product
* What to say to joint venture partners to get them to promote for

Go check it out now




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