Fox661, How You Can Get $200,000 Paydays…

Hey Fox661,

How would you like paydays of up to $200,000?

I know you may feel like that's way out of your league. But I can
assure you that it's not. At least, not if you pay close attention
to what I'm about to tell you.

You see, you wouldn't believe how many times I get to hear this

Chris, what's the easiest way of making money online?

Well obviously, as an answer, I used to send people to my Day Job
Killer website. And of course I still stand behind every single
thing I teach over there, because it's simply (day job) killer

But what you're in for today will literally knock you out of your

You see, I got an email from my buddy Alex Goad.

Once again he vanished for a couple of days. He's like a mole
lately. He delves into the underground over and over again, and no
one can find or reach him.

And then suddenly he rears his head and comes up with something
truly amazing.

This guy just keeps surprising me, as he probably keeps surprising
everyone else.

But anyway, this time he came up with an absolutely awesome video,
explaining the easiest way to make money online EVER.

Best of all, the video is for *F.REE*. You can check it out here:

== >

And guess what, that $200,000 payday I mentioned… he reveals
exactly how he achieves them. I can tell you this is no joke
because I was involved too…

But before you watch the video, let me tell you a quick story about

Enter The Mystic Realm Of The Underground…

If you've been reading my e-mails for a while, you probably know
that this guy practically came out of nowhere about a year ago.

He may have come out of nowhere (apparently), but he rocked the
Internet marketing world to its foundations with his evil tactics
to create incredible paydays.

I'm talking easy $10,000 paydays from a minimum amount of work.
You might even remember that I dug this guy out of the dark corners
of the internet, making Black Mask possible…

But before Alex came out with this kind of stuff, his tactics were
only known to some silent gold diggers who had been keeping their
ways low profile and screened away from the public arena.

Alex was the first person ever to pull the lid on every single
dirty little tactic these guys use.

So he opened up a can of worms really, and exposed some nasty
tactics to the easy money seekers. It was a big revelation to many,
and for some it turned out to be their missing key to online riches.

But it didn't end there.

More Brass-Knuckles Tactics From The Underground

You see, a couple of months later he came with yet another
eye-opener. And this one was a real biggie.

In fact… it became one of the best-sellers of last year, and it's
still going strong.

I'm talking about Google Payload. Inside he revealed an almost
devilish scheme to exploit the loopholes hidden inside the PPC
search engines (among which Google, but also many, many smaller
ones) to make the easiest money ever.

These tactics were responsible for making up to $9,543 a day, on
complete autopilot.

I know this may be hard to believe, but he did it, and so did lots
of other people who copied his system.

Even I didn't even know about this stuff. And that says a lot.

How This WILL Help YOU… And Some REAL LIFE Results!

So why am I telling all this? What's all this about? What's in it
for you?

Well, it's about that video. I told you already it exposes the
"easiest way to make money online ever".

So if you take into account Alex's track record of easy moneymaking
strategies that he published in the past, if this is supposed to be
the NUMBER ONE, then you're in for something good.

== >


Chris X and the Day Job Killer team

P.S. Alex said he's thinking about taking this video offline. He's
also promised to release a new video on Monday to those that watch
this one and sign up to be notified. Monday's video exposes an
affiliate tactic so good that…well just don't miss it.

== >

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