Fox661, The $6643 Affiliate Trick…

Hey Fox661,

You remember Saturday I mentioned a video with a really good
affiliate trick that one test student used to make $6643 with no
list, no ads and without spending a dime?
It's live now:

== >

There are actually 2 videos going up on that page and everyone who
watches them is getting the report that details exactly how to do
it for f.ree, just for signing up… It's pretty amazing frankly.

The Leech Rides Again

I'm sure you remember one of my favourite tactics from Affiliate
Project X: the Leach.

Well this takes that concept to an entirely new level.
You see, when I found Alex Goad, one of the most exciting things
was his understanding of the search engines. This guy could fly
through the Google Matrix like nothing I had ever seen.

I saw some crazy tricks where he would make Google roll over like a
well trained dog… And so it wasn't that much of a surprise when
Alex announced to me that he had found a way to do the Leech for

== >

Imagine What this Means

Using the Leech method (and Alex has made it into templates). It's
not only possible, but indeed rather easy to get affiliate traffic
to convert at 10%. 10 visitors: 1 sale.

Now imagine that you could get such a powerful tactical weapon as a
killer affiliate presell… RANKED AT THE TOP OF GOOGLE.
Imagine sucking in all that super converting traffic for free…
This is how to do it:

== >

And remember, this was done by an ordinary guy. 21 year old Bryan
from Columbus Ohio was the test subject…


Listen, I'm going to be brief: These videos are killer and this is
about to change the way the game is played.

After tomorrow, there will be players, and there will be
spectators… I know what camp I belong to and I hope you'll be
there too.

Go watch these two short videos. This is exploding with
possibilities and smells like cash a mile away.

== >

Remember to complete the form under the vids if you haven't
already. That will get you the full written report later this week
and it's the only place you can get it….

Players With Money launches tomorrow at 12 noon EST. It's going to
be very exclusive and chances are far more people will want to get
in than will be admitted.

You don't want to be left on the sidelines here, so mark it on your
calendar or set your timer…

And for now watch the vids…

== >


Chris X & the Day Job Killer Team

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