Fox661, $6643 Affiliate Secret Weapon…


Hi Fox661,

If you've ever wanted to unleash the full power of all the time
you've invested in trying to make money online, then this is the
most important email you will get in a long time.

If you were online this weekend, you undoubtedly saw Alex Goad's
videos… In them he reveals how he made templates out of my
Affiliate Project X Leech Method and uses his own SEO magic to
position it at the top of the search engines.

If this is not a stroke of genius, I don't know what is… Imagine
getting those juicy, super high converting presell templates
nabbing you one sale out of 10 for every f.ree visitor that comes
your way.

It's pretty darn sharp indeed. That's just the introduction to a
killer system called Players With Money. And it's so good I'll
even be recording some special material with Alex personally, just
for you:


But listen up. Several of you emailed me asking "does this just
work for product launches?" I can understand why that question came
up, but let me tell you, those blueprints in question are just
being offered as bonuses ON TOP of the nearly 300 page, 8 blueprint

That's right. Just the extra stuff you get with the 8 killer
blueprints is already mind blowing in itself. This is going to
change the game in a big way starting right now:


Let me explain:

Alex is a proven master at several things, not least of which are
affiliate marketing, SEO and all manner of marketing magic that
never ceases to amaze.

That, my friends, is one dangerous combination…

And this stuff is not *tested*


Just look at the results they get… Not just Alex but his students
and beta guys too… One guy even made half a million buck with
what Alex showed him…

This is the Total Package

Get this: there are *EIGHT BLUEPRINTS* and those blueprints
represent the core of everything you will ever need to know to make
staggering amounts of money from your computer.

This is a package so big the blueprints that Bryan got are not even
part of the 8 blueprints. They are included as bonuses!

If that's not enough, Players With Money the name of this
surprising collection comes with 8 Videos that show the author
speaking live and demonstrating on screen capture how to do it all
from A to Z.


This is One Step Up….

One of the best offers I have ever seen. And I have seen a lot.
And while this was intended to be one of those budget buster fancy
bells and whistles $997 course, you'll be pretty much amazed when
you discover what you can get your hands on it for.

Alex stated several times that he would be giving considerable
attention to those who join and that to be fair, he couldn't admit
too many people…
The opening is at 12 Noon EST Time. That's just about right now…
Take a look at this very carefully and take advantage of the
special launch time discount. I know for a fact it won't last.



Chris X & the Day Job Killer Team

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