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Adobe Photoshop CS2 Total Training Video Workshop

Explore the endless possibilities of digital imaging with Total Training for Adobe Photoshop CS2. The comprehensive videos are indispensable for getting up to speed on Adobe’s flagship graphics program. Learn from Photoshop Hall of Famer, Deke McClelland, as he presents more than 18 hours of valuable tutorials. McClelland proactively addresses real-world situations and offers additional tips and techniques used by the pros. As an added bonus, this training package also includes stock photography, courtesy of PhotoSpin, Inc. and iStockphoto, Inc.

http://download.adobe.com/pub/adobe…deoworkshop.zip (490 MB(

Adobe Photoshop CS Video Workshop

Expand your creative potential with Total Training’s Adobe Creative Suite 2 Standard Edition Bundle. You’ll uncover valuable tips and techniques to sharpen your skills for Adobe Photoshop CS2, InDesign CS2 and Illustrator CS2. Adobe industry experts, Deke McClelland and Steve Holmes lead you through valuable lessons to enhance your entire creative print and web process, and share time-saving techniques. Included with each training series, are project files to help you learn along the way and at your own pace.


Adobe Illustrator CS Video Workshop


Adobe Indesign CS Total Training


Other photoshop Video Tutorials

CS Filters:

A Great Way To Experiment With Combining Filters By Dave Cross
Learn all about the Filter Gallery
Download large screen (9.30mb):


Creating Depth of Field
Create more depth of field and enhance the color in a image.
Download (5.7mb):


Convert Raster to Vector
By high demand! Convert raster/scanned images to vector or Illustrator files.
Download (10.7mb):


Remove People out of Photos
Have something or someone in a photo and you want to remove them? Awesome!
Download (10.5mb):


Surprise Tutorial
The first video of the suprise series. Watch it to find out! Right-click the link and select Save.
Download (5mb):


Retouch a stained portrait
I'll show you a color match secret I use on a retouching job.
Download (6.5mb):


Creating Dotted Lines
Create vertical dotted lines and dotted boxes in Photoshop.
Download (5.5mb):


Enhancing Photographs
Watch me take this dense image of a lake and turn it into an awesome colorful photograph.
Download (6mb):


Software Box with reflection
Create a 3D software box or book with a glass reflection.
Download (5mb):


Vector Shapes 1
In this clip you will learn the following: Objects can be scaled up without any degradation at all.
Resampling and interpolation are non-considerations. PS vector based shapes work much like Illustrator.
Download (6.5mb):


Vector Shapes 2
In this clip you will learn the following: Create advanced vector-based shapes & Dynamic fills.
Download (9.62mb):


Photoshop CS2 Total Training Video Workshop again .


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