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You’ve asked, and soon you shall receive. iStockphoto will be introducing Subscriptions on May 26, 2008 — the most flexible way to buy digital content in the online stock industry.

Build your own Subscription with a wide range of options including how many credits you’ll use per day and how long you want your plan to last — 3, 6 or 12 months.

Packages will start for as little as $96/month. Unlike some stock companies, an iStock Subscription allows you to buy files from our photo, vector illustration, Flash and video footage collections.

Have an office full of creatives with an insatiable addiction to iStock and an accountant who prefers fixed monthly expenses? No problem. Subscriptions will be available for Corporate Accounts where you’ll save time and money by customizing a plan that meets your group’s needs. Start with the number of users, daily credit limits for your team and then duration.

You can always get the file you need, even if you surpass your daily credit limit. Top-up credits are designed for Subscriptions and will last as long as your plan. We are currently in private beta testing, so stay tuned for more pricing and detailed information in the coming weeks.

iStock contributors made $21 million in 2007

This week we broke a long-standing silence about our financials to show how well our contributors and the company are doing. Although the $71.9 million in revenue we generated last year was exciting, it’s the $20.9 million we paid contributors last year that makes us proud. That’s one h*ck of a lot of money! Read more in the forums.

Get your sizzlin' hot Ref5esh tickets

iStock's premiere photographic holiday is happening in Malta from June 15-22, 2008. A Ref5esh ticket will get you a cultural tour, access to a private island, a day cruise, an exclusive beach party and access to a megalithic temple. There will be photo shoot opportunities every day, cocktail parties every night and plenty of exotic adventures in between. Visit the Refresh website.

Seeking storytellers, literally

Can you tell a story? Are you gifted with the ability to meld visceral images with poignant prose for the screen? If you are a screenwriter, we here at iStock HQ have become very curious about your literary kind. Please send us an entertaining letter of introduction including descriptions of some of your finest scripts (no actual scripts or story ideas, please) to screen@istockphoto.com by midnight tomorrow (Fri. Apr. 4, 2008).

Strut Your Stuff with iStock

Our new iStock T-shirts feature a Reel-Head graphic that will inspire the artist in you, whether you prefer grey or teal. Maybe you favor the classic winged iStock T-shirts, well, we still have a few left in black and red. For laptop lovers we have a new keyboard protector and mousepads displaying the F5 refresh inside joke.

2008 Adobe® Design Achievement Awards

If you’re an art or design student or you know someone who is, listen up. If you win an Adobe® Design Achievement Award, you could get up to $60,000 and a trip to New York. iStockphoto is sponsoring the photography category but there are 11 other categories in which to flex your creative muscles. Entries are due May 2. If you know any students who aren’t iStock members, please forward this to them and they’ll receive 5 free credits and a 10% discount on credit bundles when they sign up.

Cage Match

It’s a little quieter than usual in the Steel Cage. Challenge a friend or cast your vote on one of the battles in progress. This week crazychristina and MichaelJay have set out on a nautical maiden voyage blending old world adventure with an homage to tropical and tacky vacations.

By Lesa Snider King:
Photoshop: Auto Close Crop

When cropping images closely for use on the Web, it’s easy to nick drop shadows and the like. Next time, choose Image > Trim. In the resulting dialog, determine which pixels to zap—transparent or the color at the top left or bottom right of the document—and press Okay. Photoshop does the close cropping for you.

Lesa Snider King, The Graphic Reporter, is iStockphoto's Chief Evangelist.

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