Fox661, $71,000 with ClickBank – In 90 Days…

Hi Fox661,

Today marks the release of the MOLB Formula.

It's one of the big ClickBank releases of the year for two reasons.

First reason: this method made its owner $540k last year from
ClickBank, and secondly, so far in 2008, its made *me* a little
over $70k in ClickBank earnings (keep reading for the exact story)


Now, there are dozens of ClickBank affiliate guides released each
year but very few make the cut.

This one does for *one* reason: real-life, first-hand… *PROOF*.

In fact, the author Alex is making a clean $540k per year from
ClickBank – which certainly warrants my attention.

That's over $1,000 per day from ClickBank in affiliate income –
with NO Google Adwords costs, no review pages and no "direct


In case you are wondering, "who the &*&$ is this guy Alex", I don't
blame you.

I was thinking the same thing myself back in February when I was
introduced to him – and when he told me how much he was making, I
got curious.

I got even more curious when he told me that he had already trained
one of his students up to make a clean $6,700 with ClickBank. And
only in 2 weeks.

In fact, I was *so* curious that I brought him into my circle.

I taught him some things – and he taught me some.

That was back in February.

Since then, I have probably spoken to Alex for a dozen hours on the
phone, exchanging ideas, learning his methods.

I decided to apply Alex's formula – exactly as he detailed.

With a $500k track record backing it up, I just *had* to see for

And the results?

Well, I am looking at a ClickBank account that was opened back in
March and now has over $70,000 in it (that's after refunds,
affiliate fees, etc).

That's $70k from applying Alex's methods – with him on hand,
guiding me. Money I simply would not have made without him or his

So, that pretty much tells you what I think of Alex and his methods
– it's not a matter of opinion whether or not it works.

It's *FACT*.

And, importantly, it shows that Alex knows how to break his method
down into bite-size chunks that anyone can follow.

It's also no surprise that the course is so damn *comprehensive*
when you consider that you're basically getting the same method
that Alex used to market as the core part of a $12,000 coaching

It's the method – coupled with the level of detail – that makes
this a winner.

This formula made its owner $500,000 last year from ClickBank – it
made me over $70,000 in less than 90 days.

And for that reason, it's *seriously* recommended. I suggest you
secure your copy at the discount launch price.




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