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On TV   Steve Thomas   Stuff Happens  Remember “Bill Nye the Science Guy?” Well, he’s back and greener than ever in Planet Green’s sneak peek of Stuff Happens. The acclaimed mad scientist unlocks the secrets of everyday things, taking a look at their impact on the earth…before, during and after we consume them…from breakfast to toothpaste, cashmere sweaters and more. Tune into Planet Green tonight at 9pm est to get the whole story behind your stuff and to learn about positive and innovative solutions to keep your closet…and the earth…clutter-free. Who’s “Bill Nye the Science Guy?” Find out here!
Recipes and Crafts

Spread it generously.  Before season’s green bean bounty draws to a close, pickle them.
Preserve your veggies.
Inhale and say  Transform your recycling bin into a work of art.
Add some flair!
Impress your guests.  Savor the end of summer with a locally sourced tomato sandwich.
Whip up a lazy day lunch.
 You Heard it Here
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Homes and sustainable building materials donated by DuPont.
On July 27, eleven DuPont employees pitched in to help build homes for two Greensburg families. NASCAR Champ Jeff Gordon visited Greensburg in June to break ground.
Visit PlanetGreen.com/DuPont for more on Jeff Gordon’s visit, and to track the build!
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